Supreme Court Oral Argument Audio & Video – 2021


On-Demand video of oral arguments before the Illinois Supreme Court is available in MP4 format beginning in November 2014. The quality of the video is determined by your internet connection speed. A broadband connection is recommended to view our video.

Audio is available in MP3 format.

Sorting Audio/Video: Oral Arguments may be sorted by Argument Date, Docket No., or Case Title. Click on the column name/header, and the oral arguments will sort in ascending/descending order.

2021 Oral Arguments
Argument Date Docket No. Case Title Video Audio
01/14/21 126024 Ciolino v. Simon watch video N/A
01/14/21 126101 Eighner v. Tiernan watch video N/A
01/13/21 125738 People v. Johnson watch video N/A
01/13/21 125969 In re Br. M. watch video N/A
01/13/21 125617 Beaman v. Freemeyer watch video N/A
01/13/21 125733 Indeck Energy Services, Inc. v. DePodesta watch video N/A
01/12/21 125392 People v. Wise watch video N/A
01/12/21 125434 People v. Bass watch video N/A
01/12/21 125621 People v. Palmer watch video N/A
01/12/21 125642 People v. Burge watch video N/A