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Illinois Government

Gavy Tooltip   "[T]hat government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

The above quote contains a primary principle of the system of government that we in the United States live under. It is that our government operates only by the consent of its people. It is the active participation of the people that keeps our government alive.

Studying government can be challenging. It is challenging because government involves an ongoing story. It is a story of our past -- where we have been as a country, the growing pains of our young nation, and the transformation of an area once made up only of Indian nations into the state we call "Illinois." It is the story of our present -- how our citizens participate in our government, who the individuals are that represent us in our government, and what the process is behind the creation of our laws. Finally, it is the story of our future -- what each one of us can do to ensure our government continues to represent its people.

This section has been arranged into 7 lessons that follow our "government story." Each lesson is meant to build on the previous lesson. At the end of the final lesson, you can test your knowledge by taking our Illinois Government/Constitution test.

Lesson 3
The 3 Branches
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