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Comprehensive Judicial Education Plan for Illinois Judges

II. Judicial Education Programs


The following general policies shall govern attendance by judges at judicial education programs:

1. The Supreme Court of Illinois has established that all Illinois judges complete, biennially, 30 hours of judicial education. Judicial education is defined as an organized program of learning contributing directly to the professional or personal development of a judge and designed specifically for an audience of judges. See also Section III.B.(1)(d)

2. Judges must obtain approval from the chief circuit judge or his/her designee to attend any course held during their scheduled court time or for which any portion of the cost of attendance is to be paid by any governmental agency.

3. Chief judges should make every effort, through reallocation of judicial resources and advance scheduling, to accommodate a judge's request to plan, teach, or attend judicial education programs. In general, efforts should be made to ensure court calls are not canceled.

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