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Comprehensive Judicial Education Plan for Illinois Judges

III. Illinois Judicial Conference Education Programs


1. Planning, Development and Administration

a. By January 1 of each year, the Committee on Education shall submit to the Supreme Court for approval its Plan containing those seminars, academies and conferences recommended for provision during the following fiscal year. The Plan shall also include recommended revisions, if any, to the Comprehensive Judicial Education Plan.

b. By September 1 of each year, the Committee on Education shall submit an annual report to the Illinois Judicial Conference regarding the judicial education programs conducted during the preceding fiscal year. The annual report may include long-term goals and include recommendations for development of new programs and educational opportunities.

c. The Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts shall provide the administrative support necessary to plan and conduct all Illinois Judicial Conference judicial education programs.

d. The Administrative Office shall reimburse transportation, per diem and lodging expenses related to planning, teaching, and attendance at Judicial Conference education programs according to Judicial Branch policies governing travel by judges.

e. Attendees at Judicial Conference education programs shall be given the opportunity to confidentially evaluate all programs regarding the subject matter, reading materials and faculty presentations. The Committee on Education and the Administrative Office shall design a model to measure the overall effectiveness of judicial education programs.

f. The Administrative Office shall utilize sources of grant or scholarship funding to assist in the support of judicial education. Any funding accepted shall be without conditions from the funding agency as to control of content or faculty. Any grant funding received will be used in addition to appropriations from the Legislature for funding Illinois judicial education. Any questions regarding utilization of the grant funding will be resolved by the Supreme Court or the Director of the Administrative Office as its designee.

2. Criteria for Attendance Approval by the Chief Judge or Designee

The chief judge or his/her designee, when determining whether to approve attendance at a judicial education program, shall consider the following:

a. The Supreme Court's mandate that every judge attend 30 hours of judicial education biennially.

b. The goal of accommodating judges' requests without unnecessarily disrupting the administration of court schedules.

c. The relevance of the particular course to the present and/or potential assignments of the judge.

d. The needs of the judicial circuit for a judge to be educated on a particular topic.

e. Prior attendance at education courses by judges within the circuit, with a goal of providing equal opportunity for all judges to attend judicial education programs.

3. Approval Procedure

The chief judge or his/her designee will indicate approval by signing the applying judge's seminar registration form.

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