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Comprehensive Judicial Education Plan for Illinois Judges


On behalf of the Supreme Court, I am pleased to present this Comprehensive Judicial Education Plan for Illinois Judges. In doing so, the Court submits this Plan as the framework for judicial education in Illinois and the means by which judges can continually enhance their judicial skills. On behalf of the Supreme Court, I extend appreciation to the Committee on Education for its efforts in developing Illinois’ premier judicial education programs and encouraging every judge to take advantage of the educational opportunities available through the Illinois Judicial Conference. Judicial education is a primary means of satisfying that obligation.To that end, the Court has established that all judges complete, biennially, 30 hours of continuing judicial education.

Under the Canons of the Judicial Code of Conduct, and consistent with the Supreme Court’s Statement of Expectations for Illinois Judges, it is an obligation of office that each judge in Illinois work to attain, maintain and advance a high level of judicial competency. As two of the pillars of the Comprehensive Judicial Education Plan, the court requires judicial attendance at the New Judge Seminar and the Education Conference. First, the annual New Judge Seminar aids in transitioning from bar to bench and provides new jurists with myriad practical skills needed to effectively and efficiently manage their courtrooms. Second, the biennial Education Conference provides a rich array of workshops and seminars within designated tracks that address issues pertinent to all Illinois judges. Additionally, the biennial Judicial Academy, which features world-renowned faculty, and an annual comprehensive seminar series are available to Illinois judges.

These programs, as offered through the Illinois Judicial Conference, in conjunction with other judicial branch education such as the Annual Appellate Court Conference, Capital Case Seminars, New Judge Mentoring, and training in Child Welfare and Probation practices comprise the Court’s Comprehensive Judicial Education Plan for Illinois Judges.

Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Statement of Purpose, the programs, policies, and procedures contained herein as well as the varied and high-quality judicial education resources offered through the Comprehensive Judicial Education Plan.

Chief Justice

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