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Training Material and Education Programs

Resources for working with Self-Represented Litigants:

Judicial Bench Card: Self-Represented Litigants and SCR 63(A)(4)

Plain Language

Illinois Supreme Court Policy on Plain Language

Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice Plain Language Reference Guide

Unconscious Bias

Achieving Fairness Free of Unconscious Bias

Ideas for Promoting Deliberativeness and Overcoming Barriers to Deliberativeness

Implicit Bias Additional Reading

Language Access

Supreme Court Language Access Policy

Judicial Bench Card: Courtroom Interpreting

Court Personnel Information Card: Limited English Proficient Individuals

Illinois Language Interpreter Registry

Statewide standardized form – Interpreter Request

Assistance to Court Patrons

Illinois Supreme Court Policy on Assistance to Court Patrons By Circuit Clerks, Court Staff, Law Librarians and Court Volunteers ("Safe Harbor" Policy)

What is Legal Information? (A Guide to the Safe Harbor Policy)

How Can I Best Assist Self-Represented Litigants? (A Desk Card Summarizing the Illinois Supreme Court Policy on Assistance to Court Patrons)

How Can Court Personnel Help You? (Public-Facing Sign About What Assistance Can and Cannot be Provided)

Referrals/Sample Resources

Judicial Bench Card: Limited Scope Representation

Referral Sheets:

Cook County Referral Information:

Other Access to Justice Material

Access to Justice Spiral, a Complication of Policies, Rules, Tops & Best Practices

Fee & Assessment Waivers:


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